We can handle all kinds of projects: live events, studio interviews, on-location shoots. The crew, the gear, and the story all come with us.

Providence Portland Heart Institute Black and White Ball 2019

Live event filmmaking at its finest.

Nike + Premier League Announcement

The renewal of a strategic partnership demands a big press release.

The Long Defeat

Storytelling at its finest. Dr. Akiko Hashimoto’s book already translated into multiple languages, was bound for mainland China but they needed a promotional video to market the book to that new audience. That’s where we stepped in with a evocative and personal story of discovery and scholarship.

Caesars Palace

In a partnership with Jon Sautter Films, GMS Media and Advertising took this ad campaign from casting, to the casino, then to the editing bay, then to the digital screen. 3 main brand campaigns, the venerable Robin Leach, more micro ads then we want to remember, and a lots of greased Vegas palms. Long story short, we pay to play.

24/7 IT

Every businesses bread and butter needs to be the brand video and we’ve got it for you right here – hot and fresh. Grounding the client in Portland while highlighting the full scope of services they offer.