Maybe you’ve already shot your project and you’re just looking for a post house to put a polish on it. We do that too.

World Cup 2018

Adidas Portland handed us a mountain of footage to pour through to create an internal edit for the World Cup Creativity is the Answer spot. We sorted, color corrected, timed music and quicky turned around this internal launch video.

Target ALS

For Target ALS, our ad agency client had a mountain of footage that needed to be edited into a compelling narrative. We didn’t shoot the interviews but we collaborated with the project stakeholders, learned what the mission was, then crafted a visual narrative that was both evocative and informative.


The Sales Navigator edit offered a special challenge. How do you make sales sexy? The answer lied in weaving a narrative about just how hard it is to sell and the mountain of stories that other sales people can relate to. If we cut a story about the software platform then there’s no emotional connection. If you make it about the woman who has to use the sales platform, then you’re hooked.

Caesars Palace

Our editors are heavy hitters and these spots were all knocked out of the park. The Director shot these commercials “lights-out” so we knew the vision. Our partner production company put the money in front of the camera, so that was easy. The last piece was to have very own “Big Papi” senior editor to edit these to within an inch of their lives; and as you can see, he only hits dingers.