Project Brief

In our second year of shooting the Providence Heart Institute Black and White Ball we needed to cover more ground and tell a bigger story.

The Challenge

A full film crew spread out across the soccer pitch with interviews of donors, arrivals, exits, and the big auction.

The Solution

Pre-Production planning, a full run-of-show, and an action plan to collect as much great footage as possible.

The Execution

The Skills Needed To Produce the Perfect Sizzle Video

Project Management

Interfacing with the client from kick-off to the day-of shoot to ensure all details are organized.

Tech Scout

We don’t shoot until we have a full lay of the land and know where to put all our cameras.

Principal Photography

Then you arrive on set, shoot till the lights go out and make sure you grab as many interviews as you can along the way.

Post Production

Then it’s back to homebase to edit, audio mix, and color correct.

Then it’s a Thank You to Our Hosts

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