Project Brief

AB Skincare was developed to provide the simplest and most successful approach to skin care with the best results in terms of minimizing sun damage, wrinkles and skin breakouts. GMS Media and Advertising’s job was to target the marketing campaign to the demographic that used the product the most. Creating the content was only half the journey. The rest was data analytics, targeted ad buys and focused cutdown videos.

Product Photography

Brand Building

From the Script to the Screen

Brand Video

Our main cutdown here served as one of the primary marketing videos. While our micro ads focused on specific products in the AB line.

Skills Needed

It always starts with research, script writing, and a understanding of the story the client would like to tell. Once our script was locked we moved to pre-production planning, casting, and gearing up the for the shoot.

Project Management 98%
Script Writing 92%
On-location Video Production 96%
Post Production Editing and Audio Mixing 98%

Initial Concept Planning

From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to keep our concept far from the body-shaming clinical ads that many big brands in skin care have a tendency to use. It was important that we distilled confidence in the viewer instead of insecurities. For us, that meant making the message more about an empowered individual looking for the perfect skin care routine…without the B.S.

Drafts & Revisions

When creating our character, we were careful not to make her too agreeable or too hostile. Her personality had to be representative of both the brand AND people looking for acne treatment. So how did we do that? Many, many script drafts and an awesome team.

Final Delivery

Once we finished the videos, it was time to take them to social media as targeted ads. Along with the main brand video, we were able to create multiple micro ads each with a unique message. These ads were meticulously constructed with original copy, the right keywords, and even better content.

Small Businesses Getting Bigger

We’re no strangers to small business and the growing pains that come with it. That’s why we’re here to help with compelling videos that can take a local brand to the next level, wherever that is.

Power of Micro Ads

Micro ads are typically 15 seconds or less in length but are just as powerful as a longer ad. They’re perfect for social media and short attention spans. We can repurpose micro ads from old footage or create them from scratch.