Meet the “Get It Done” Team.

Geff Zamor
Geff ZamorFounder / Creative Director
Geff has answered his calling to pursue a career in film and advertising ever since he said his first word, ACTION!!! (so we’ve been told). Geff cut his teeth in LA working his way up from hamburger spit bucket guy to director. His special skill: he serves the story. And when you meet him, you’ll know that he’ll serve your story.
Gabriel Lawler
Gabriel LawlerAssociate Creative Director / DoP
A graduate of Michigan State University, Gabe has been with GMS for over four years and loves his work, always pushing the client’s creative agenda. At the end of the workday, you can catch him geeking out with camera gear and finding new ways to make amazing frames!
Greg Russell
Greg RussellHead of Business Development
Aptly named “The Wolf of Dekum Street,” Greg manages the company’s day-to-day affairs and looks after our long game. Partial to data analytics and the customer experience, his sweet spot is in deciding how a video we make can move your business’s bottom-line in the right direction. And he’s a beast in the pitch.
Timo Kirchler
Timo KirchlerSound Mixer / Junior Editor
Timo is a man with a million nick-names such as; MoMo, Mito, Lil Bunt Cake, Screamo, etc. During his off hours, you can find Timo staying up late at the GMS studio making some awesome beats for his latest music project. Timo is a true creative and we are lucky to have him on the GMS team!
Jason Hooper
Jason HooperCreative Specialist
Jason spent the last decade working on blockbuster motion pictures like Fast & Furious, The Avengers and Black Panther. Now relocated to Portland with his family, he’s honored to bring the excitement of Hollywood filmmaking to the GMS Media Friends and Family.
Ben Edwards
Ben EdwardsSenior Editor
Watch the episode of Darryl’s House featuring the Dirty Heads, and you are watching the work of our Master Editor, Ben Edwards. His primary rule is to follow the project for style and flow. Ben researches every new project for the intended composition and style.
Sam Sanchez
Sam Sanchez1st AC/Editor
Sam Sanchez (AKA “Sandwiches”) is an amazing creative who adds the extra punch to GMS Productions. With a fine eye to detail and a love for filmmaking and photography, Sam is a true professional asset to our company. If you are looking to make your productions perfect, Sam is the man to add that extra sizzle!
Jesse Burrill
Jesse BurrillGrip
Jesse is a hard worker and is the muscle behind the magic. He has a can-do attitude and helps power through our productions, making each production run super smooth. With a background in music production, Jesse has expanded and gained new experience in Video Production with GMS. If you want to break the ice, just mention how awesome Costco is!
Joe Paulson
Joe PaulsonLogistics Coordinator
Behind magic, you have the card up the sleeve or the mirror above the stage. When the small details behind the scenes need to be planned and executed Joe is our man. Without him, the show would not be able to go on. Our work takes us all over, and because of him, all the tools and talent arrive on time ready to go.
Sam Shaw
Sam ShawProduction Coordinator
As a kid Sam grew up watching movies, and now he makes them here at GMS. If you ever need to find the best way to the airport, the cheapest and best flight within an hour notice, or to understand why Mr. Glass is the best written villain in movie history, then Sam is your guy.
Brittany Hutchins
Brittany HutchinsProduction Intern
Brittany is a PSU Film School graduate and has a passion for all things video production! She started her journey here at GMS in a van to Boise, Idaho with a crew of people she had just met, and it’s been a wild ride ever since. From putting together creative briefs to finding 3 brass trumpets last minute, Brittany’s your girl to make it happen.
Livestream Technician
Jacob “Grey” is an amazing contractor. With a large technical background and a love for media production you might see him on one of your shoots because he knows how to get the job done! When he is not in the office you can find him building LED walls, geeking out about Panavision Cameras, or listening to K-pop.

A Little More About the Team.

Our video production service started with the desire to tell people’s stories be it business, personal, and everywhere in between.  We’re a team of like-minded dreamers willing to do whatever it takes to project your messages out into the world. With 20 years of experience under our belts, we offer an all in-house, full-service production experience with top filming and editing talent, sound engineering, and producers ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.  We marry story-driven creativity, with the planning and execution of business professionalism. Working with us will be an experience unlike any other you have experienced in the industry. Reach out and let us know how we can move your business agenda or your own personal agenda forward with powerful media.

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