Meet the “Get It Done” Team.

Geff Zamor
Geff ZamorFounder / Creative Director
Geff has answered his calling to pursue a career in film and advertising ever since he said his first word, ACTION!!! (so we’ve been told). Geff cut his teeth in LA working his way up from hamburger spit bucket guy to director. His special skill: he serves the story. And when you meet him, you’ll know that he’ll serve your story.
Love of Film 100%
Skill with the Blade 48%
Samantha Hoaglin
Samantha HoaglinProducer
When it absolutely positively needs to be organized overnight, she gets it done PERIOD. She is our greatest Excel Spreadsheet Warrior that has never tasted defeat in organization. In addition to being our superstar producer, she has an even more important job…. laughing at all of our Creative Director’s jokes.
Pre Production Planning 92%
Post Production Management 99%
Greg Russell
Greg RussellHead of Business Development
Aptly named “The Wolf of Dekum Street,” Greg manages the company’s day-to-day affairs and looks after our long game. Partial to data analytics and the customer experience, his sweet spot is in deciding how a video we make can move your business’s bottom-line in the right direction. And he’s a beast in the pitch.
Pitch Meeting 99%
Business Development 96%
Gabriel Lawler
Gabriel LawlerAssociate Creative Director
Gabe has the eye of the tiger when it comes to getting the footage, photos, and edits you need to stand out among the rest. When he is not in the office, he is melting faces with his guitar, and hearts with his vocals. He brings the heat in every shoot and works well with talent at every experience level.
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 94%
In-Studio Photography 91%
Jason Hooper
Jason HooperProducer
Jason is “Our Guy Friday” and a Producer that just knows how to solve all set problems. In a set storm, he’s as calm as a mountain lake and your solution is delivered in “20 minutes or less” or it’s free. He’s as nice as he is clever… and the salt and pepper beard has been painfully manicured. Yes, ladies… it’s a fake.
X-Factor 80%
On Set Expertise 95%
Joe Paulson
Joe PaulsonLogistics Coordinator
Behind magic, you have the card up the sleeve or the mirror above the stage. When the small details behind the scenes need to be planned and executed Joe is our man. Without him, the show would not be able to go on. Our work takes us all over, and because of him, all the tools and talent arrive on time ready to go.
Logistics 90%
Outside the Box Thinking 99%
Ben Edwards
Ben EdwardsSenior Editor
Name a big name company and Ben has edited for them. He has a meticulous mind for editing. He attacks footage with the vigilance of Batman and does not rest until the job is done… just like Batman. He is one of the backbones of GMS… just don’t ask him to choose between Final Cut X and Premiere Pro. Don’t do it.
Post Production Editing 100%
On Set DIT 99%
Isaac Brickner
Isaac BricknerAudio Engineer
Isaac matches evocative visuals to the perfect audio to bring that extra punch to the story you want to be told. Audio is 50% of the production experience and he brings an attention to detail to the booth. He is also in charge of the extinguisher in case the heat produced in the studio catches fire…(happens more than you think).
Apple Logic 93%
Adobe Audition 89%
Kim Coffel
Kim CoffelEditor
Kim joined us with a sparkle in her eye and a hunger for editing. She marries speed and style in all her cuts and her AE game is solid. And don’t get us started with the tea selection she brings to the office. Her skill on the keys is hot-fire. BUT, she does NOT laugh at the Creative Director’s notes… a skill she is working on.
Premiere Pro CC 97%
After Effects CC 89%
Nick Snyder
Nick SnyderIntern / Photographer
The newest addition to the GMS Family (cue Vin Diesel). He came to us looking for a shot and now he’s snapping hot shots for us. It’s easy to call someone a natural talent with an eye for composition but he brings the steak with the sizzle. You’ve never had BTS this good.
Lightroom CC 90%
Potential 100%
Nate Lawler
Nate LawlerProduction Assistant
A young and hungry up and comer with an uncanny skill for copy editing. No really… it’s strange how natural taglines and social media content fly out of his brain. He enjoys the set life and can light a scene. If you chuckle at something we posted on Instagram, he wrote it.
On Set Game 85%
Game at the Club 85%
Maria Prieto
Maria PrietoProduction Assistant
All the little details – that’s Maria’s bag. Hand over 300 photos, she knows the 5 best. Ask her to create a winter theme for a skincare line, your mood board is back in a day. And when we’re on set, talent looks crisp because she’s all about the details.
Love of Fashion 84%
Arguing With Creative Director 60%

A Little More About the Team.

Our video production service started with the desire to tell people’s stories be it business, personal, and everywhere in between.  We’re a team of like-minded dreamers willing to do whatever it takes to project your messages out into the world. With 20 years of experience under our belts, we offer an all in-house, full-service production experience with top filming and editing talent, sound engineering, and producers ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.  We marry story-driven creativity, with the planning and execution of business professionalism. Working with us will be an experience unlike any other you have experienced in the industry. Reach out and let us know how we can move your business agenda or your own personal agenda forward with powerful media.

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We can travel anywhere for your project but Portland, OR will always be our home base.