It is clear now more than ever that a revolution is taking place.  Whether or not you recognize it, a new generation is taking the baton in leadership throughout the country and within our businesses, big and small.  Millennials, though sought out to be a generation of misfits, have been around long enough to have leveled up in their careers and interests to finally have a seat at the “Big Kid’s Table.” Looking deeper, specifically into the world of Advertising, I believe that a paradigm shift in branding and marketing is right on the cusp of existence.

From years of being spoon-fed American consumerism, I have had to take everything that has felt unsettling with a grain of salt… until now. Through years of playing along with the “rules” and slowly climbing up the ladder of leadership positions, Millennials, including myself, finally have a say in what our work stands for. Alongside that, consumerism is on a new playing field because Millennials tend to be the key consumer demographic for most successful businesses. This adds up to be: Millennials selling to Millennials. But again… what does this mean?

With 2020 being a whirlwind of chaos that has swept the globe, I have seen the strongest voices coming out to speak against the issues at hand; the two most apparent being police brutality and COVID-19. Instead of putting aside these issues, I have seen creatives using all mediums and platforms, working to spread their messages.

Though it is sometimes thought that businesses should not take sides on complex subjects, I would beg to differ. Why not make your business stand out? Why not choose to do business with people who are on the same wavelength? Why not show what your business stands for and for what you know is right?

Downtown Portland, May 2020. Captured on my Mamiya 645 film camera.

Here in Portland, Oregon, I stand as the Associate Creative Director in a growing agency, GMS Media and Advertising. The majority of our workforce happen to be Millennials. And as we welcome in a new generation of leaders, we welcome in a new generation of believers to join our work for, Gen Z. Though our company grows stronger with young like-minded creatives we also ensure to remember what we stand for. We have a phrase that refers to the hours put into spreading the correct message. We call it “The Good Work.” We also hold a quote by Mahatma Gandhi that is close to our hearts:

“I regard myself as a soldier, though a soldier of peace. “


At GMS we are soldiers of peace. We will not stop doing “The Good Work” anytime soon. And with all this being said, I will guarantee this:

We will make your brand stand out.
We will show what your business stands for.
We will deliver your message to like-minded people.
We will always tell the right story.